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The RowMaker (RM), is a patented, hand pulled tool designed to save you time! You can quickly build any size garden plot with minimal effort. Now any heart healthy person over the age of 12 can build garden rows on tilled soil.

The RM will easily build a set of rows and then seamlessly join them with other rows. All rows will be of the same height, width and spacing. Just like the farm rows on the country side. The straight rows makes sectioning your crop varieties simple.  Easy to make walk-paths will allow you to design the perfect crop layout.  If you don't like your layout, rake the rows down, build new rows, and make another layout. It will only take a few minutes.  How is that for saving time?

The RM give you a choice of planting inside the row furrows or over the mounds. You plant in row groups of 2 or 3, divided with walk-paths for easy weeding or harvesting from both sides of the crop lines. You will be amazed at how easy the RM is to pull, how fast it will build your rows, and how easily you will create a beautiful lush garden. See our video links above.
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The New Standard in building Garden Rows.   Rowing, Plotting, and Planting, has Never Been Easier!
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You can teach the kids at your School, the kids at your Church, the boys & girls at the Scout camps, and you can teach the kids that you care about the most. But do not forget about the kids that have no one to care about them. To see the wonder in their little eyes and the big smiles on their young faces, as they watch the seeds that they planted grow,  will be more than an ample reward.  The memories that you will leave with them, of their first harvest from "the Garden" that you planted together will be Priceless.   It is those memories, and memories like that, that they will carry with them, and cherish, for the rest of their lives.   May your harvest be plentiful.   The RowMaker
Gardening is not Rocket Science!
You till the Soil, Fertilize the Ground, Build the Rows, Plant the Seeds, and Water.
Mother Earth and the Sun will do the rest.
The RowMaker
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