Due to the non-stop rain during the Winter and Spring we planted extremely late in the season on April 30th. Although, there is no better irrigation than rain, it just wouldn't stop. We lost several of our crops because they were literally underwater for almost two weeks. The pepper plants (Hungarian Sweet Wax and Early Jalapeno Peppers) were planted during our Fall/ Winter 2014 garden and are the only crops we didn't till down for this garden. We had 3 Rows of Okra, 5 Rows of Corn, 3 Rows of Black Eyed Peas, 2 Rows of Squash, 2 Rows of Mustard Greens, 1 Row of Turnips, 3 Rows of Green Beans, and 2 Rows of Carrots. Although, we still managed to harvest over 150 pounds of vegetables and greens. The lack of sunny days severely prohibited plant growth and limited our harvest.
Spring/Summer 2015 Garden
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